Vogue etc by Venetia Scott

I’m very pleased to see the story in Vogue that I was part of, Halcyon Days, photographed by Venetia Scott, styled by Bay Garnett and shot on location at Wembury House in Plymouth, with hair by Neil Moodie. It was delightful to work with models Grace Hartzel, Julie Hoomans, Holly-Rose Emery, Matilda Lowther and Danni Witt, pictured below, dressed up for a prom-night full of promise.

Dior red skirt Vogue Venetia

And here’s Danni Witt again, on a park bench and not a bed this time, for the Blugirl campaign which Venetia shot in April. You get the sense of early Spring (it was cold!)with these behind-the-scene photos from Vogue Italia online: http://www.vogue.it/en/shows/oddities/2014/07/blugirl-fall-winter-2014-2015-advertising-campaign#ad-image

Blugirl on bench by Venetia Scott
BTS Blugirl Venetia Scott
Sharon at Blugirl

In May and June, Venetia shot and styled a black and white story for i-D magazine, featuring three models in Brighton and Hove. It’s hard not to fall in love with these girls! You can watch them, in colour, and get a breath of sea air at i-D Vice magazine online: http://i-d.vice.com/en_gb/watch/episode/4456/sweet-cherry-extraordinary

id Venetia 1

Finally (for now) Venetia has just published a story for Muse magazine called Fourteen Faces, and I did make-up for seven of them, two of which are pictured below. You can see the others on Venetia’s portfolio http://www.clmuk.com/photography/venetia-scott

Fourteen Girls

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